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Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems:  Safe, Proven, Trusted, and Cost-Effective

When you need to capture and maintain a chemically pristine liquid or gas sample from a pipeline, tank, or process, choose Swagelok GSM or GSL panels for storage or transportation to a laboratory for analysis.  

grab sampling cylinder container

GSM (Grab Sample Module) provides a sample that’s fresh and extracted held under the same process conditions that existed at the sampling time (except for temperature).  Employs a pressure-containing metal cylinder that’s docked in place with the process fluid continuously circulated through it.  Since the flow is isolated, there’s no waiting for lines to flush or for bottles to fill.

grab sampling bottle container

GSL (Liquid-Only Sampling Module) eliminates the risk of spillage or evaporation when a sample is drawn or transported.  Uses an economical, non-pressure-containing glass or polyethylene bottle with a self-sealing septum cap.  Inspector gets immediate visual feedback around sample stream quality.

For additional technical information, email Gary Osman, Applications Engineer:

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grab sampling system