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Case Studies

Since 1965, Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area has helped make a profound and positive difference in the fluid-system safety, efficiency, and performance for customers in the key industries we support: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Steel, Power, Research…

Here are three recent examples where proven Swagelok Solutions saved significant time, money, and worry – despite major application/operational challenges:

Market: Chemical
Challenge: Kinking Hoses and Excessive Motor Noise
Solution: Swagelok Hose Advisory
Click here to view our: Hose Optimization brochure



Market: Power
Challenge: Leaking Seal Supports and Extreme Pump Vibration
Solution: Swagelok Pre-Fabricated Installation Work Package
Click here to view our: Your Challenge/Your Swagelok Solution flyer


Molten Steel Being Poured

Market: Steel
Challenge: Inefficient Overall Procurement and Installation Processes
Solution: Swagelok Instrumentation Mounting Kits
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