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Energy loss evaluations

Ask us to visit your facility or project site to conduct an extensive Leakage audit of a percentage of your gas, air, and/or hydraulic fluid lines. We employ a proven mix of test methods (film solution, ultrasound, visual) as we thoroughly inspect each tube/pipe and valve bonnet connection within the defined survey grid. We then issue you a substantive report that details your leaks by size, severity, brand type, and precise location – with special attention given to your overall system aesthetics, damage, alignment, tube support, and tube-bending accuracy. In addition, we provide expert recommendations on how to immediately address/repair your most worrisome and inefficient system areas.


Download our Safety & Performance Brochure.


To drastically reduce your costly and dangerous fluid-system leakage, thus optimizing worker safety, efficiency, and performance, contact: / 412.439.1706