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Mapping Your Hose Optimization

Your Local Swagelok Hose Pros Deliver:

  • Extensive Hose and Hose Accessories Selection
  • Expert Hose Consultative Services
  • Exceptional Hose Technical Training

With their combined 30+ years of Swagelok fluid-system expertise, Gary and Mike will help you save major hose-related time, money, and worry. They’ll walk the floor with you to thoroughly analyze your current hose applications, including critical cleaning and storage activities. They’ll next issue you a Swagelok Hose Management & Efficiency Report loaded with our expert recommendations on how you can rapidly improve and sustain your overall hose safety and health. Our Advisors will also help you set up a routine hose-maintenance schedule – enabling you to avoid lengthy downtime, excess waste, and high repair/replace costs.

Why Flexible Hose?

  • Fewer connections mean a safer fluid system and far less leakage. Period.
  • Greatly reduce chance of system pressure drop and media entrapment.
  • Lower overall repair/replace material labor costs.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Compensation for slight dimensional mismatches between connections.

Delivering Difference-Making Solutions:

“Initially, I was a bit skeptical when Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area approached me about a no-cost Hose Advisory. Though I believed we’d receive some value from such an audit, I also saw it as a way for them to simply sell us more hoses.  Once we began the actual walk-through – and I heard the probing questions the Advisors asked, I knew we had agreed to something that would truly boost our site’s productivity and efficiency.

We then received our highly detailed Swagelok Hose Management Report, which specifically addressed our numerous hose-kinking issues – and how those were causing the exceptionally loud pump noise in our Reactor Room.  Even better, the report also gave us easy-to-follow recommendations and instructions on how to actually fix our hose problems. 

Result:  Noise levels dramatically reduced!  In addition, my boss used the findings as a first step toward making hose maintenance a priority here.  We learned SO much about how to select the ideal hose for a particular application…and how to relieve hose stress in general.  In fact, we’re now applying these Swagelok lessons to solve noise concerns throughout similar areas within our facility.

On a related note, our subsequent Swagelok hose order arrived expertly packaged – with each hose separately bagged and clearly labeled to coincide with the findings in our Swagelok Advisory report.  We were thus able to quickly and accurately replace our troublesome hoses.  Thanks, Swagelok, for your top-quality products AND always-outstanding support services!”   

- Chemical Lab Technician

Download the full Hose Optimization brochure here.