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Pre-Fabrication Work Installation Packages

Your Challenge

The Seal Support System, featuring multiple welded and threaded connections, for a major Power Plant’s boiler feed water pumps leaked excessively due to extreme pump vibration.  Result:  Frequent operational failures and costly downtime.  Even though the site scheduled routine pump overhauls during outages, there never seemed to be sufficient time or available skilled labor to perform the necessary major welding repairs.  However, such welding fixes, if done, would still not alleviate the core/critical vibration problem.

Your Swagelok Solution

After extensive collaboration, including numerous site visits, with our customer, Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area applied its collective Fabrication/System Design expertise to:

  • Reverse engineer new cooling and flushing in/out lines.
  • Deliver a pre-fabricated Installation Work Package that incorporated premier Swagelok tube fittings, bent tubing runs, pre-assembled sub-systems, and metal-core hoses.


Pump vibration was virtually eliminated, thus solving the seal support leakage issue.

In addition, some of the tubing runs were left long to accommodate safer, easier, faster, and economical field installation by the site’s maintenance technicians. We also provided on-site technical support to ensure optimum fit during the actual implementation.

pre-fabrication installation packages