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“Simply, we’ll teach you how to see/know whether a Swagelok tube fitting has been correctly installed.” – Mike Gagel, Technical Trainer

Learn how to: confidently identify correct tube system placement, correctly install Swagelok tube fittings, identify mixed component fittings and the correct use of tubing type, point out common tube bending defects and how they negatively impact a fluid system, identify compliant NPT thread installations, and demonstrate the correct use of thread tape.

Our certified technical trainer, Mike Gagel, will ensure that you learn how to determine if our tube fittings have been properly and safely installed – to get optimum value from your Swagelok componentry investment.  We frequently offer this course in our Training Center, or can teach it at your site.

WHO: Those responsible for system maintenance; technicians; field inspectors

WHEN: View training schedule

WHERE: Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area Training Center, 49 Meade Avenue, Bellevue, PA  15202

We also offer this course at YOUR site….call 412.439.1706 for details!