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Midstream Production

Swagelok offers a wide array of premium-quality, productivity-enhancing Products that can make a substantial Bottom Line – time/money/risk – difference at gas-compressor stations, oil-pumping stations, gas processing and treatment plants, and Natural Gas Liquid fractionation facilities.

For gas compression and pumping, whether you make compressors or skids, or operate such equipment, our Small-Bore Piping Systems, Tube Fittings, Tubing, and Instrumentation Valves are ideal choices for optimum safety, low total cost of ownership, and improved efficiency. (links to each product listed)

For gas processing and treatment, our grab sample systems, analytical instrumentation panels, tubing, valves, and tube fittings deliver ultimate performance when tasked to help purify raw natural gas.

For NGL fractionation, Swagelok Tube Fittings, Instrumentation Valves, Tubing, and Analytical Instrumentation Panels yield superior results when employed to help remove ethane, propane, butane, and pentanes found in natural gas.

Here’s a video on Swagelok’s Thermal Relief Valves that sped production for Charbonneau Industries, a major customer of Swagelok Southeast Texas: View Video

Edmonton Valve & Fitting’s Midstream customer, with a rail-based terminal for exporting/importing, purchases NGL mix and fractionates it into finished products to sell. The account required a Grab Sample Panel capable of handling product from up to five high-pressure, on-site storage caverns. A plug-and-play solution, featuring three Swagelok H83 trunnion 3-way ball valves that could handle the high-pressure and temperature requirements of such an application, enabled trusted cavern selection and subsequent distribution into one GSM panel. In addition, Edmonton hydro-tested the panel before delivering it with a detailed certificate that ensured the components will operate safely and properly within the customer’s fluid system.

Click here to see our Grab Sampling Systems Local/Global brochure