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Molten Steel

Swagelok Delivers In Every Production Environment

Swagelok valves, fittings, and tubing are the perfect choice for optimized steel production. We offer a wide array of premium-quality styles in sizes up to 2 inches in diameter:

  • Ball
  • Check
  • Needle and Metering
  • Quarter Turn Plug
  • Bellows
  • Diaphragm
  • Relief
  • Instrument Manifolds

Typical Swagelok Valve applications:

  • Air
  • Hazardous Gases
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Inert and Noble Gases
  • Steam
  • Chlorine Service
  • High Viscosity Thermal Fluids
  • Fire Service
  • Plus:  High-pressure, high-temperature, and hazardous media applications where leak-free service is essential for worker and plant safety.

Swagelok valves incorporate state-of-the-art design features that combine with our quality construction materials and precise manufacturing processes to provide several unparalleled competitive advantages, including:

  • Long Life (high cycles)
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Leak-Free Operation

Contact your local sales representative to learn more about our unique design features – and to find just the right style for even your most challenging applications.                    

The Swagelok Difference

In addition to designing and manufacturing superior fittings and valves, our tubing exceeds industry standards and delivers optimum performance when combined with our compression fittings and small-bore systems. Our tubing is fully annealed – with dimensional tolerances that exceed ASME standards for maximum productivity when used with Swagelok fittings. Chemistry is controlled to limits exceeding ASME standards for ultimate weldability of the tubing.

More than Hardware

In addition to our Swagelok fittings, valves, gauges, and tubing, we offer value-added Strategic Services that will help you realize superior fluid-system performance and efficiency:

  • Energy Surveys
  • Industrial Hose Audits/Consultancy
  • Onsite Tube Bending
  • Expert Technical Training (Swaging, Bending, Inspection)
  • Custom Fabrications (Simple Assemblies to Complex Panels)
  • Industrial Vending and Inventory Management
  • E-Business Tools

See how Swagelok can give you on-site support.

To learn more, speak to a representative or see our catalogs.