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Your Safety is Our Priority

Since its inception more than 70 years ago, the Swagelok name/brand has been synonymous with ultimate Fluid-System safety and performance. From our industry-leading tube fittings, valves, gauges, hoses, tubing, and related componentry…to our ever-expanding portfolio of proven productivity-boosting strategic services such as Custom Fabrication, Technical Training, and Energy/Hose Evaluations and Advisories, we are your trusted Solutions

Provider to help maintain a safe and healthy workplace – and Bottom Line, no matter how challenging your application or operating environment:

Our one-day Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation & Tube Bending Safety Essentials course is the perfect primer for new maintenance technicians – or refresher for veteran staffers – to ensure that they know how to safely and optimally assemble and reassemble our tube fittings. We also offer Hose Essentials and Valve Essentials half-day classes that focus on the safe use and care around those products. Plus, we can bring any of our Technical Training titles directly to your site or project location.


If a Swagelok-warrantied, premium-quality, turnkey fabricated panel, enclosure, or simple assembly makes good financial or functional sense when you simply have to get more out the door faster, consider our Custom Fabrication services. All work is done by our Swagelok-certified technicians – once our Applications Engineer has consulted/collaborated with you, taken critical measurements, provided conceptual and formal CAD drawings, issued a quote, and built a bill of materials – with the eventual fabricated solution delivered as one part number.


Complimentary and comprehensive Swagelok Energy Evaluations will identify the dangerous and costly leakage within your fluid system. Such inefficiency is draining your profitability – as you lose media, production, and risk worker safety, equipment damage, off-spec final product, and even non-compliance fines. We also conduct free Hose Advisories that yield a highly detailed report on how you can immediately and significantly improve your current industrial hose usage and safety/storage practices. Our certified Hose Advisors can also help you set up a routine preventative-maintenance schedule. Swagelok is Synonymous with Safety!