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Tube Fitting Installation & Tube Bending Safety Training

Learn Best Practices from the world leader in Fluid-System excellence.

Technical Training

Your Industrial Hose Pros

We offer an extensive selection of Hoses, expert Hose consultation, and exceptional Hose technical training!

Hose Optimization Brochure

Your Fluid-System Solutions Provider

Trust us for truly differentiated capabilities to grow your business and profitability: Inventory Control, Energy Management, Fabrication Expertise, Technical Training, Application and Hose Advisories, Gear Rentals…

Who We Are

Custom Fabrication

Design-through-Delivery Excellence

Custom Fabrication Brochure

Swagelok Strategic Support Services

Mike Gagel and Gary Osman on a Hose Audit

Hose Advisory Service

Stop replacing the same damaged or worn hoses. Our Hose Advisors will come to your site to conduct a comprehensive, no-cost audit of your current industrial hose usage and storage practices. We’ll then issue you an extensive report of our findings – with prioritized recommendations on how to quickly improve your overall safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Gary Hose Optimization

Pressure: Maintaining Your System Health

Inaccuracies in your fluid system could affect the quality of your final product. A Swagelok check-up is a key first step to preserving your reputation: Energy-Loss Evaluations, Industrial Hose Advisories, Technical Training.

Swagelok RoboCrib

Inventory and Supply Chain Solutions

Our Vendor-Managed Inventory program ensures that you have your premium-quality Swagelok products right when and where you need them. We deliver expert, dependable, and experienced assistance to help organize, control, and manage your Swagelok inventory.