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“We’ll show you how to creatively approach various tube-bending challenges through ample hands-on practice over our one-of-a-kind three-day course.”  - Mike Gagel, Technical Trainer

Learn how to: make bends to a particular configuration, maintain equal spacing between bends, bend tubing to complete tight offsets, and complete rolling offsets.  Learn about:  springback, the components of a Swagelok hand tube bender, the minimum length of the “last leg” – and describe how this length can be used, the purpose of the straight tube length mark on the bender nameplate, five potential bend defects and their root causes, and SO much more.

Our certified technical trainer, Mike Gagel, will ensure that you learn how to properly and safely bend tubing in even the most complex/challenging environments to get optimum value from your Swagelok componentry investment.  We frequently offer this course in our Training Center, or can teach it at your site.

WHO: Maintenance system professionals; technicians

WHEN: View training schedule

WHERE: Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area Training Center, 49 Meade Avenue, Bellevue, PA  15202

COST: Please contact 412.439.1706 for complete details.