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“We'll help you understand exactly what you're trying to make before any tube is bent.  We'll then show you how to mark the tube prior to use of a hand bender to accurately make the bends – in minimal time and without scrap.”  - Mike Gagel, Technical Trainer

More connections equal more potential leaks. We'll give you the foundational knowledge needed to introduce bent tubing to your system to eliminate joints and leak points inherent in traditional welded-pipe systems. Learn how to: properly cut and deburr tubing, understand various marks used in tube bending, bend tubing with the correct bend angle made in the correct location, identify five potential bend defects, and expertly assemble a box comprised of various lengths of tubing bent according to requirements.

Our certified technical trainer, Mike Gagel, will ensure that you learn how to properly and safely bend tubing to get optimum value from your Swagelok componentry investment.  We frequently offer this course in our Training Center…or can teach it at your site

WHO: Those responsible for system maintenance; technicians; new hires

WHEN: View training schedule

WHERE: Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area Training Center, 49 Meade Avenue, Bellevue, PA  15202

We also offer this course at YOUR site….call 412.439.1706 for details!