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Swagelok Tube Fitting  & Tube Bending Safety Essentials

In our comprehensive, all-day class - available at your facilty/jobsite or at our leading-edge Training Center in Pittsburgh - students will learn how to safely and properly:

  • Assemble a Swagelok tube fitting
  • Select, handle, prepare, cut, and debur tubing
  • Make tube bends of 45º, 90º, 180º, plus offsets
  • Use a hand tube bender

We provide all training materials: manuals, benders, fittings, tubing, electrical boxes...even lunch. We can start/stop at your desired times. We’ll even return multiple times to accommodate large-size groups.  


All graduates receive TWO genuine Swagelok Certificates of Completion – for just one day of technical training!  Plus, all Swagelok classes earn Continuing Education credits.

Ideal for brand-new as well as veteran Maintenance Technicians!

Swagelok Valve Essentials  & Hose Essentials Training


In our half-day Swagelok Valve Essentials class, you’ll learn how to:

  • safely and confidently choose, install, and maintain valves, per application.
  • understand the critical differences in valve types, functions, operations.
  • interpret a flow curve and pressure/temperature tables.

Our four-hour Swagelok Hose Essentials course teaches you how to:

  • evaluate hose fit-for-purpose.
  • apply the proven Swagelok STAMPED (Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure, End Connections, Delivery) methodology in your selection process.
  • properly clean an store hoses.

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To drastically reduce your costly and dangerous fluid-system leakage, thus optimizing worker safety, efficiency, and performance, contact: / 412.439.1706