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About Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area

Your Local Exclusive Provider of Genuine Swagelok Products and Value-Added Strategic Services


We have a new name – and new capabilities to support you

Introducing Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area!  Bringing you Pittsburgh Valve & Fitting Company’s proven and trusted history of on-time, error-free Swagelok product deliveries, exceptional Customer Service, and unparalleled technical support…

….plus our value-added portfolio of Swagelok Strategic Services:

  • Expert Custom Fabrication:  swaging, bending, kitting, coiling, orbital welding; design
  • Comprehensive Technical Training:  list class titles; mobility
  • Inventory Management:  vending or VMI
  • Equipment Rentals:  orbital welders, multi-head hydraulic swagers, benchtop benders
  • Energy Evaluations:  gas, compressed air, hydraulic fluid, steam
  • Hose Advisory:  audits, maintenance scheduling

We’re now your one-stop High-Performance Swagelok Product and Service Resource for optimal fluid-handling safety, productivity, efficiency, and profitability…no matter how challenging your application or operating conditions!

For more than 50 years, Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area has been your trusted and proven distributor for premium-quality Swagelok fittings, valves, gauges, hoses, tubing, regulators, manifolds, and associated componentry.  We primarily service western and central Pennsylvania, plus neighboring counties in Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.  Our 20 customer-first associates deliver prompt expert technical and related fluid-system support to enable you to greatly reduce your time, financial, and risk worries during even your most challenging field or facility applications. 

We are your High-Performance Strategic Resource…offering a vast array of truly differentiated Services that low-price competitors simply cannot match:  Comprehensive Technical Training to enable your technicians to safely and properly install and maintain your fluid systems; Warrantied Custom Fabrication to help reduce your labor costs and overflow, from simple assemblies to large complex panels or cabinets; Inventory Management that will automate – and give you complete visibility and accountability around – your Swagelok componentry usage and spend; Cost-Free Media Leakage and Industrial Hose Audits – with dependable recommendations to quickly slash your overall energy inefficiencies; and even Equipment Rentals for short-term or infrequent projects.

Plus, we carry a large Swagelok inventory within our 49 Meade Avenue location – so that we always have just what you need, just when you need it.  Our state-of-the-art twin carousel storage-and-retrieval system drastically minimizes order-processing and shipping errors.

No one is better equipped or ideally positioned to help you maximize your fluid-system operations!  Connect with us to always have the absolute latest Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area and Swagelok Factory information:

Facebook: SwagelokPittsburgh

Twitter: @SwagelokPGH

LinkedIn: Swagelok Pittsburgh | Tri-State Area


Interested in joining the Swagelok Pittsburgh team? We are currently looking for a Customer Support Associate--apply now!